What is the material of the pages?

The WhyNote pages are made from real paper (FSC certified) . They receive a special treatment which gives them their smooth, shiny and erasable surface.

Are the pages recyclable?

Yes, WhyNote pages can be recycled with regular paper.

What does FSC mean?

FSC is a certification that ensures that the paper comesfrom responsible forestry operations. It is issued by the international NGO Forest Stewardship Council, which promotes ecological, social and economical management of forests.

How long does a WhyNote notebook last?

The pages being erasable and reusable at will, the lifespan of the notebook WhyNote is virtually unlimited. It will nevertheless depend on the type of use that is made out of it and the care given to the notebook. We count at least 300 uses per page, which is equivalent to at least 6,000 sheets of paper saved.

Are WhyNotes durable?

Yes. If your notebook is worn or damaged, extend its lifespan by individually replacing any of its elements when needed . Covers, pages and bindings are available separately.

Where and by whom are WhyNote made?

WhyNote notebooks are entirely made in Switzerland and assembled by people with disabilities through the Polyval Foundation.

How is a WhyNote used and erased?

WhyNote notebook can be used like a real whiteboard . You can erase the pages with a cloth, the eraser on the pen or the WhyNote cleaning kit.

Are the notes durable and resistant to touch?

Yes. Unlike a traditional whiteboard, the notes on your WhyNote will be more durable and will not be erased by hand. This is made possible thanks to the special ink of WhyNote markers.

Are WhyNote waterproof?

No, WhyNote are made out of paper and are not water resistant. However, the surface of the paper is designed to withstand damp cloths, especially for erasing notes.



Why a special WhyNote pen?

Each notebook comes with a WhyNote marker specially designed to dry quickly and resist rubbing. Unlike a traditional whiteboard, the notes on your WhyNote will be more durable and will not be erased by hand .

Does the ink dry instantly?

The special ink in WhyNote markers is designed to dry in seconds, avoiding the risk of smudging.

Is note taking different from traditional notebook ?

Unlike a ballpoint pen, no pressure is needed when taking notes. This reduces drying time (and therefore the risk of smudging) and will protect the page from any marks/groves.

What other pens are compatible?

You can write without risk of damaging your WhyNote with any non permanent whiteboard marker. However, they are not designed to resist touch or abrasion, which will limit the use of your notebook.

Other types of pens and markers are not compatible with the WhyNote notebooks and could damage them.

Can I use FriXion™ pens?

No. FriXion™ pens are not intended for use with WhyNote notebook .

Are WhyNote pens refillable?

WhyNote markers are unfortunately not refillable. As the leads are sensitive to wear, the writing quality would be too degraded to allow multiple life cycles.

Why are there no more ink colors?

The special WhyNote ink is developed according to extremely specific and complex specifications.

Pigments can influence the using experience from one color to another and it is not always possible to standardize their properties.

Is the WhyNote cleaning kit required?

No, you can erase your notes with a soft cloth or with the special eraser on the pen.

Why using the WhyNote cleaning kit?

The cleaning kit is designed to make your life easier. It allows you to erase large surfaces cleanly, quickly and effortlessly.

Does the WhyNote cleaning kit contain chemicals?

No, the cleaning kit is simply used with tap water.



Do Memo Post use glue?

No, Memo Posts stick without any glue to all slick surfaces. Their special patented surface adheres at the nanoscale like suction cups, replicating a structure similar to gecko feet.

Are the Memo Posts waterproof?

Yes, the Memo Post are fully waterproof and can be run under water to clean their adhesive surface of any residue.

Which pens are compatible with the Memo Post?

The Memo Post come with a WhyNote marker which features specially designed ink to dry quickly and to resist touch.

It is also possible to write with any non-permanent whiteboard markers. However, the notes will not resist to touch or abrasion.

Can I use FriXion™ pens?

No. FriXion™ pens are not intended for use with Memo Posts.

Where are Memo Posts made?

The Memo Post are made in Italy in an eco-responsible factory producing its own electricity.

Why are the Memo Post not Swiss Made?

Memo Posts use patented technologies mastered by a handful of specific players. This is why they are produced in Italy by a partner specialized in this patented technique, which we have adapted for sticky notes.

Where are WhyNote upcycled leather covers made?

WhyNote covers are produced in France by a partner specialized in upcycled leather.

What does upcycled mean?

Upcycled refers to products that are made from the recycling of other finished products. The leather of the WhyNote covers is produced from high-end Italian leather scraps. This noble material is thus transformed and revalued into a new product which will follow you throughout its new life cycle.







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