Swiss Made Whynote book
The WhyNote book is both ecological and practical. This reusable notebook allows you to erase its pages at will as on a whiteboard. No more waste of paper!
Its Swiss Made manufacture guarantees a local production of quality and in respect of the environment.
Le WhyNote book réduit ainsi considérablement sont empreinte écologique, que ce soit pour lors transport mais également dans le contrôle



WN concept FR


No more countless sheets of drafts piled on your desk. The WhyNote is a real pocket whiteboard that you can carry everywhere!


No more wasting paper, 1 WhyNote notebook equals over 6,000 sheets of paper.

Made with eco-friendly FSC certified paper, WhyNote ensures that the entire process of transformation (from the forest to the printer) is done in an environmentally friendly way.


It will surely be the last notebook you will buy!