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Write or draw like on a traditional notebook .

To preserve the longevity of your pages and shorten drying time, do not apply pressure when taking notes.

Erase - Pen eraser

The WhyNote pen eraser allows you to dry erase small mistakes. To avoid smudging, wait a few seconds before using it.

Erase - Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit allows you to erase large areas quickly and easily. It is used in the following way:

  1. moisten the page to be erased with one or two sprays (avoiding any contact with water on the edges of the pages).
  2. Rub briefly with the special sponge (its abrasive surface combined with water will break down the ink).
  3. Absorb the burrs thus obtained with the microfiber cloth.

Mounting the pen holder

Peel off the white self-adhesive tab from your pen holder and stick it to the last rigid page of your notebook (ideally on the inside / back cover).

  • USE

    Write or Draw like on a whiteboard!

    Does not erase by hand → keep your notes for the long term.

  • SCAN

    Scan and organize to your favorite apps.

    From the app. Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple Notes etc…


    Small errors: with the pen eraser. Large surfaces: using the cleaning kit or a damp cloth. Like a real whiteboard!


    Restart… at will!

    Minimum 300 uses per page → 1 WhyNote = more than 6,000 sheets of paper saved!

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The pen clogged, what should I do?

The pens' ink is designed to dry very quickly. If the cap isn't properly closed or you if wait a few moments with the pen open without writing, a deposit forms on the lead (which prevents writing). A little adaptation time may sometimes be needed.

To remove this deposit, simply rub the lead gently on traditional paper (more abrasive than our pages) then replace it into the cap. The cap has a small ink tank. You can hold it vertically for a few minutes, with the caps facing down, and if needed repeat the operation once or twice. Your pen will work again without any problem.

How to avoid smudges?

Unlike a ballpoint pen, no pressure is required when taking notes. This sometimes requires a little adaptation time .

The pen deposits less ink which can then dry very quickly, thus avoiding the risk of smudging. This will also preserve the pages and avoid marking them with grooves.

How to delete stubborn notes?

Old notes, sometimes very dry, can be more resistant. To erase them quickly and easily, we recommend using the cleaning kit WhyNote.

You will be able to replicate it with other household products, such as a damp cloth and/or a piece of soft felt. However, you must be careful not to use an abrasive sponge.

The pen holder does not stick, what should I do?

The protective tab of the pen holder is made of two layers. If the underside of your pen holder is still white, you will need to remove the real tab (which is easier to grab from the corner of one of the ears).

The first layer sometimes separates more easily. The adhesive surface is actually black.

The pen eraser leaves marks, what should I do?

The felt eraser on the pen is preferred for small, quick mistakes. When it becomes clogged with too much ink and begins to leave traces, you can occasionally clean it by rubbing it on traditional paper until it no longer leaves residue.

In the longer term, you will also be able to rinse it with soapy water or cut its end to expose a new and fresh piece of felt.