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Welcome to the page dedicated to the WHYNOTE x HOME MADE LICENSING collaboration!

As a participating artist, you will find on this page all the useful information related to our partnership.


We look forward to collaborating with you! To create your personal WhyNote simply follow the instructions listed below:



1.1. Artwork selection

The artist sends WhyNote a varied pre-selection of his 4-5 favorite artworks.

(Raw selection, no editing, no layout or cropping needed.)

WhyNote together with the artist will validate the design that will be used.

1.2. Templates / source files

The validated visual will be produced by the artist in POCKET and A5 formats.

Adobe InDesign files download links* :

POCKET format template

A5 format template

*If you are unable to use InDesign, contact us to receive the templates in Illustrator format.

1.3. Design

Use the same design between Pocket format and A5 format.

On request, a slight variation of the design is possible as long as an aesthetic link between the 2 formats remains strong and obvious.

The content can be cropped differently from one format to another if desired.

1.4. Design guidelines - 1st cover (recto)

  • Space exclusively dedicated to the artist's artwork (no mentions or texts).
  • Signature/autograph possible.
  • Use the WhyNote logo and the “swiss made” inscription in the original locations. If necessary, the WhyNote logo can be positioned in 2 other locations (visible on the InDesign source file).
  • On request, the WhyNote logo can be positioned differently if necessary.

1.5. Design guidelines - 2nd cover (verso)

  • The design can overflow onto the 2nd cover or fill it completely.
  • Possibility of inserting a text presenting the work and/or the artist. Max 400 characters. With the tone that best suits the artist (humorous, offbeat or serious).
  • Possibility of inserting links to the artist's website and social networks (QR codes accepted). Ideally at the bottom of the page, typography size max 12pt.
  • Signature/autograph possible.

This back cover must remain as aesthetic and qualitative as the cover (must not look like an “ad flyer”).

1.6. Export of production files

Follow the export instructions mentioned on the production file.

The artist will also provide WhyNote with a "package" of the InDesign document (go to FILE menu -> PACKAGE...), which includes all source files.

WhyNote will use these source files for the notebooks production and communication purposes only.

The artist's design will be used by WhyNote on the various communication media linked to the promotion of the collaboration (Instagram/Facebook post, email campaign, banner on the homepage, etc.)

If you have any technical questions related to the creation of the POCKET and A5 design, do not hesitate to seek our support:


Congratulations, your designs are finished! Now WhyNote takes over the creation of the various elements that will appear on our website.

WhyNote will use your visuals to create the packshots which will be presented as follows (we invite you to click on the articles to discover the presentation of their product page ):

To view the collection page, click on the button below:

On request, the collection page can contain the presentation (2.1.) and the slideshow (2.3.) which are on the product page. For readability reasons and in order to compartmentalize the information, these elements don't appear as standard.

On the product page of your notebooks, the following elements must be sent to us :


    A personal presentation must be provided (artist and/or artwork). No limits on length or content.


    Send us the link to your social networks and website (if available).

  • 2.3. SLIDESHOW

    Showcase your brand universe by sending us images of your favorite creations (max 5 images).


    Do you want to add elements (texts, images, videos)? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

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These elements are optional. If we don't receive them, they won't appear on your product page.


Once your personal notebooks have been produced, you'll receive a POCKET and A5 copy.

Now it's time to launch the sale and communicate the collaboration! Below you'll find the various actions that WhyNote will be taking, and those we'll be expecting from you :



3.1. Website

From the 1st to the 30/31st of the month

  • Main banner “collaboration of the month” on the homepage (in first position).
  • “Featured collection” on the homepage.
  • Your notebook in first position in each WhyNote collection (POCKET, A5 and Combo Pack).
  • Personalized “collection page” and “product page”.

3.2. Email campaign

The 1st or 2nd of the month

  • Collaboration presentation email to our entire mailing list. With shopping links.

The 27th or 28th of the month

  • Email “last chance” to our entire mailing list. With shopping links.

3.3. Social Media

The 1st or 2nd of the month

  • Instagram post “collaboration of the month” + shopping links.
  • Facebook post “collaboration of the month” + shopping links.

During the month

  • Instagram Story of the “collaboration of the month” post.
  • Featured Story.

[REPOST]During the month

  • Share of your video post in story (Facebook + Instagram).
  • Your video highlighted in Story.
  • (Share of your other Facebook + Instagram posts in story.)


Highlighting the collaboration of the month:

  • main banner of the website WhyNote
  • “Featured collection”

Image prepared by whynote


Image used by WhyNote in the Instagram and Facebook post, for the presentation of the collaboration of the month.

Image prepared by whynote



3.4. Video

Before launch (at the latest at the start of launch)

  • VIDEO presentation of the collaboration with WhyNote

You will have physical copies of your notebook (POCKET + A5) which will be delivered to you before launch.

3.5. Social Media

At the beginning of the month

  • Instagram post of your “VIDEO about the collaboration with WhyNote”.
  • Facebook post of your “VIDEO about the collaboration with WhyNote”.

During the month

  • Free posts of the collaboration (Instagram/Facebook).
  • Repost of the “collaboration of the month” (Instagram/Facebook WhyNote )
  • Others...

If available

  • Promo on the artist's website.
  • Email campaign.
  • Others...

If you have any questions related to the campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us: